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Mar 15, 2023

happy fourth of July!

I started my day with a regional 5K in the City of Commerce.
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Since I ran 11 miles yesterday I was just doing this for fun ? Susan as well as I ran together as well as took a walking Camiseta Olympique Marseille break since she’s having Achilles issues.

Before I left I had half a bagel as well as naner with PB. I wasn’t hungry, however I am usually super hungry the day after a long run as well as didn’t want to be starving mid-run.

After the race we partook in some oranges as well as H2O.

This was my very first race with a good friend as well as I had fun! I believe I let running stress me out as well much sometimes. Susan as well as I are already planning one more race together soon! I’ll talk more about it next week, however it’s BIG!

As expected, I Camiseta Borussia Monchengladbach was hungry after the race as well as rushed house to make pancakes. In in my p’cakes…

1/2c egg beaters

1/2 oatmeal

1Tb ww flour (add more or less to preferred thickness)

baking powder, salt, cinnamon, stevia packet

chia seeds (sprinkled on while cooking since I forgot)

See, the chia seeds look like pepper. I assumption I won’t be winning “Chef of the Year” award this time around around. Darn, as well as I had my acceptance speech all written out…

Topped with Almond Butter as well as Syrup ? Oh my gosh! This breakfast was precisely what I was craving as well as so delicious.

While I was cooking I ate one of the difficult boiled eggs Ben produced breakfast. I take his food as well much, however this time around it was yummy as well as necessary.

Then, we headed to church with my parents as well as went to lunch afterwards. I wasn’t hungry since I had just ate (this never happens), however partook in some chips as well as salad.

We went to El Pescador. There are a great deal of these around as well as you can quite much count on excellent food with anything you order.

Ben insisted that I take a photo of his amazing pescado (fish) dish. I tasted it as well as agree it was quite delicious. He raved about it!

He started with a shrimp soup. This was Ben’s very first time at El Pescador as well as by his reaction, I’m sure we’ll be back.

Matt (my bit brother) reminded us we had to stop for fireworks. inspect out his loot! Camiseta Southampton FC

Fireworks frighten me, however I am glad they’re not unlawful around here. just be extremely very extremely careful!

I am currently making my Flag Cake. I utilized the ol’ boxed cake mix as well as pumpkin trick. just add a can of pumpkin to a box of cake (no oil or eggs needed) for a healthier dessert. *I likewise added 1/2 apple sauce as well as some water since it was method as well dry.



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