Hello! exactly how was your weekend? My weekend was full of high quality time with my household as well as fireworks as well as food. Sadly, my aunt passed away extremely early on the fourth of July . She was my dad’s sibling as well as viewed me when I was a infant when my mother went back to work. One time she told me she utilized to take me to Denny’s a lot. I don’t keep in mind it, however that may discuss my deep like of pancakes.

She had cancer as well as was in a great deal of pain, so I’m happy she’s in heaven as well as at peace now. It’s just so so unfortunate to see my household hurting. We understood it was going to be soon which is part of the reason I went to go see her on Wednesday. however you never understand exactly how quick something such as this will occur as well as it truly does assist to believe she’s dancing from above viewing over her family.
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Since that had just occurred as well as my mother as well as father got no sleep the night before our fourth of July was very low essential this year. My brother, cousin as well as I just sat around eating as well as dipping in the pool as well as comforting the dogs. The unlawful fireworks game is crazy around right here as well as they were going off all day.

We chosen avocados as well as I discovered this funny bag in my mom’s bag drawer! I don’t understand why we believed this was so funny, however I insisted on using it many of the day.

My father made jalapeno poppers from scratch as well as cooked them up before he went to make food deliveries to my  other fam. Ben was very thrilled about them.

All I contributed to this lil bbq was an apple pie as well as ice cream. I completely cheated as well as went the store purchased route, however it was tasty heated up as well as served with ice cream.

And I unwinded with the Roxican

This morning Ben as well as I went back to our old Sunday morning custom of walking to get coffee. We Camiseta Club America discovered a new to us coffee location called Kona Coffee in Lake Forest.

I saw the bullet proof sign, however that’s not my jam so I ignored it. I purchased an iced coffee as well as shared a piece of Paleo Banana Bread with B.

But, I made the error of discussing what Bulletproof coffee was to Ben as well as he had to get it. He was so fascinated by this strange drink. (Bulletproof coffee is coffee mixed with butter as well as oil.)

And yes, I tried it. as well as it’s not poor however it’s not great. It doesn’t have any type of sugar as well as I like my coffee sweet. It is creamy as well as smooth, however I just couldn’t get over the concept that it had so much fat in it after I had just delighted in a beautiful pastry that I’m sure had a fair amount of healthy fats. So yeah, wouldn’t get it myself.

What it’s like to drink Bulletproof Coffee for 2 weeks. through quick Company

The Cult of the Bulletproof Coffee diet plan through NY Times

What’s the offer with Bulletproof Coffee?  through Huff Post

The rest of the day was spent trying to do a capsule wardrobe. It seriously took my entire day!! as well as vegas didn’t assist at all. much more on that later!


Question: What was the very best part of your weekend?

Tell me something good.



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