If you are searching for a quick introduction to concussive injuries (or if you requirement an aid for discussing concussions to others), this video by Dr. Mike Evans from the sport Concussion Library,  is a fantastic starting point.

Given the issues that concussions in sports can produce members of Parliament as well as BC’s Legislature have introduced expenses to attempt to control the problem.

On the federal side expense C-319 ,The national technique for major Injury in Amateur sport Act, has been introduced. Camiseta Gamba Osaka  The text of the expense can be discovered here.  This expense seeks to produce a “national strategy” to decrease concussions in sports.  If passed the expense would need the Minister of specify to convene a national seminar with a view to establishing

a program to track incidence rates as well as the associated economic costs of injuries in amateur sport

guidelines concerning prevention, identification, treatment as well as administration of concussions in amateur athletes

guidelines that should be satisfied before athletes are enabled to return to sport after suffering a concussion

submissions for Criminal Code amendments making it an offence for “a trainer or any type of other person in authority” to knowingly permit a concussed participant to return to sport without satisfying return to play guidelines

national requirements for the training of coaches and other persons included in amateur sport

standardized educational programs for Camiseta West Ham United coaches as well as other persons included in amateur sport

This is a personal members expense introduced by Glenn Thibeault.  Given its sluggish development (it has not advanced beyond very first reading in spite of being introduced in June 2011) it does not seem likely to pass into law.  I have contacted Glenn about the Bill’s condition however as of the date of publication I have not yet heard back from him.

On the Provincial side, Dr. Moira Stilwell, BC’s priest of Social Development, introduced expense M-206-2011 The Concussions in youth sport security Act.  This bill, if passed, will assign specific sports as “high risk” as well as would need the following:

the development of guidelines by high danger youth sport organizations to education coaches, athletes as well as parents about concussions

mandatory removal of concussed participants from competition

prevention of a concussed athlete from returning to play up until getting clearance from a designated health and wellness care professional

This expense can be applauded for its academic element without unnecessary red-tape.  The expense is a work in development as well as is not anticipated to pass into legislation with the present government.  Dr. Stilwell herself verified as much to me through Twitter with the complying with message.  Given the uncertainty of BC’s upcoming election it is far from remove about whether this expense will ever ended up being law:

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