Hello! I went to a Donut tasting today!

Well, I made up a donut tasting by buying a ‘flight’ of donuts from the new Dunkin Donuts in Orange County. however it’s totally legitimate since I am a food blog writer (today at least, it varies day to day) as Camiseta Selección de fútbol de Senegal well as I state this should be a thing.
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Let’s begin at the beginning of the donutstavaganza…

Sundays are usually my rest day from running however I like to take a Camiseta Newcastle United bit walk to shake it off a la Taylor Swift.

Please tell me when you are using a hoodie Camiseta Real Sociedad you don’t want to wear anymore you just let it hang onto your neck. Anyone??

The new Dunkin is a perfect place from me…

A.)  it’s not super close so I won’t go several times a day

B.) however it’s only a few miles away so I don’t have to take the 405 for some  iced coffee.

This DD is in Laguna Hills so I wouldn’t truly be able to run there since it’s legitimate hilly. I’d walk if anything.

It opened on Tuesday however the line is still quite long! The drive-through line wrapped around the car parking great deal as well as there was line manage for the people outside.

When I lastly got inside I decided to go ‘all in’ as well as get a ‘flight of donuts’ to do it tasting style. (This isn’t something truly on the menu, I made it up like most of the things I do.)

In the mix: Pink Sprinkles, Blueberry Cake, Apple Fritter, Lemon Jelly

Consensus: I still stick by what I stated in my Donut debate Vlog. They make fantastic iced coffee, just okay donuts.

Donut Tasting! Boom.

Lunch! Costco sushi for the win.

And then I spent the day trying to be productive except my Web wished to take the day off so I discovered myself at Starbucks to upload a post! Wifi for all!

And while I was cleaning I put a pillow on Vegas…

He’s most likely still there such as this right now…

Question: What is the very best thing you did or ate this weekend?

Have you ever done a wine tasting? Donut tasting? Tequila tasting? Other??



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