I am screaming with happiness on the inside since I like ice cream. A lot.

I made a huge ol’ sundae after dinner. I utilized TJ’s soy ice cream, choc syrup, strawberries, coconut as well as GRANOLA. Yum. “I’m going to miss you, dessert…” ?
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Since I had a huge handful of chips as well as as well much granola for my afternoon snack I had a lighter dinner of roasted broccoli as well as roasted chickpeas. I like roasted chickpeas!!! yesterday Ben told me he doesn’t like chickpeas as well as I’m devastated. To get back at him I told him I don’t like beef jerky, however he wasn’t as devastated.

I am a nice bit wifey as well as I made him a dinner he really liked tonight – salmon, couscous as well as broccoli. I likewise smartly made sufficient so I don’t have to cook for him tomorrow night ?A few more Questions:

Question: I understand I’m late however i wished to understand exactly how long do you plan on blogging? Do you see yourself 2 even 5 years from now still updating you visitors about what you eat? Do you see a point where you will ultimately stop

Monica: I plan to blog permanently – or at least as long as I can ? I would like to document my pregnancy as well as eating as well as exercise on my blog  (and that wouldn’t be for one more few years). I believe it would be extremely fascinating as well as informational for women. I understand I would like to comply with someone’s pregnancy as they offer with trying to stay healthy as well as make a baby! So, ideally at least I’ll blog up until then.

I hope Run, Eat, Repeat continues to grow as well as I can continue to share my bit life with anyone who cares to checked out ?

Question: If you might invite any type of 5 people (dead or alive) to a dinner party, who would you invite as well as what would you serve them?

Monica: This concern took me longer than any type of one so far! I would invite Jesus, Nelson Mandela, Susan B. Anthony, Eleanor Roosevelt as well as Ben (so we might talk about that remarkable dinner celebration for many years to come).

Question: I was wondering what is your preferred thing to cook as well as to bake (and perhaps put up the recipes :)?!?) as well as what would you think about your ultimate weakness food wise…

Monica: My preferred thing to cook for dinner is a tofu stirfry. It’s my preferred meal that I make. My preferred thing to bake is chocolate chip cookies since you get to eat the batter as well as the freshly baked cookies!

My ultimate weakness food smart is a tie between ice cream as well as chocolate chips cookies. Sorry, that response was quite predictable.

I am working on some new as well as improved pages on the blog as well as plan to broaden my recipes! thanks for asking ?

Question: What is the very best advice book you ever read?

Monica: I don’t understand if I would phone call them advice books, however rather self assist as well as my number one pick would have to be Intuitive Eating. however – I likewise like guy are From Mars, women are from Venus. I believe it is truly practical to see exactly how in a different way guy as well as women believe as well as keep that in mind when dealing with the opposite sex. This book taught me that after Ben has a poor day he doesn’t want me to ask him a million concerns about it as well as try to get him to talk about it. He wishes to go off in his “cave” for a while as well as it’s finest for both of us if I let him do his own thing.

I likewise extremely highly recommend  It’s Called a break Up since It’s damaged to anyone going with a break up. This book truly assisted me get with a difficult breakup.

Question: exactly how do you make your iced coffee?

Monica: I actually  pour the leftover coffee from Ben’s morning brew over ice as well as add soy milk as well as stevia (sometimes splenda). nothing fancy!


I believe that I’ve covered all the questions, if I missed your please email me as it was an oversight.

I have my MRI bright as well as early tomorrow morning – desire me luck!



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