update – the NYSAC has now, fortunately, reversed this decision as well as Gonzalez has been cleared to fight


As very first reported by Marc Raimondi, the new York specify athletic compensation  pulled Pearl Gonzalez from her UFC 210 bout on Friday morning since she has breast implants.  This occurred after she officially weighed in.

While a prohibition on contestants with breast Camiseta SL Benfica implants contending is not special in combative sports regulation, the problem that arises is the NYSAC don’t appear to have such a prohibition on the books for MMA.

The NYSAC has published a “Medical Manual”which is a statement Camiseta Racing Club de Avellaneda of policy which in part reads as complies with –

“Due to the worry over rupture, boxers who have breast implants are not eligible to box in new York. Boxers who have had breast reduction surgeries are eligible to box. ”

The issue is that this clearly applies to boxing, not MMA, as well as has not been updated considering that December 2014, a time before MMA was even legal in new York.  The paper itself has the complying with capitalized title “MEDICAL requirements FOR expert BOXERS” referencing only boxing as well as not MMA.

The NYSAC’s “History Camiseta Selección de fútbol de Túnez as well as Physical assessment record for a Combative sport Professional” does not ask fighters about breast augmentation when applying for a licence.

Further complicating matters is that new York’s official MMA regulations, which were drafted just recently as well as apply to this event, appear to be totally silent on the problem of the legality of breast augmentation.

Also noteworthy is that section 212.5(b) of the guidelines enable a female MMA contestant to “wear authorized breast security during competition“, a policy created to maybe ease this risk.

Lastly, section 206.14 uses fighters the complying with due process rights

“The compensation shall offer the chance for a hearing before taking any type of final action negatively affecting any type of person’s private privileges or residential property approved by a license, permit or other authorization appropriately issued by the compensation or a contract authorized by as well as filed with the Commission.”

Given the above Gonzalez has a strong disagreement must she select to demonstration this questionable last minute decision.   Decisions relating to competitor security definitely must not be taken lightly.  Administrative fairness, however, is likewise crucial as well as if a regulator selects to prohibit an athlete from contending they must only do so with consistency as well as remove legal authority.


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