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Feb 26, 2023

I Camiseta Selección de fútbol de Inglaterra am cold, but cannot be stopped from making smoothies for breakfast!

After an easy 6 miler this morning I tried to talk myself into different, warmer breakfast options. But, I reeeeally wanted a smoothie! so that was that.
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In the mix: ice, frozen spinach, protein powder, almond milk, chia seeds.

On the side I enjoyed PB&PB toast.

It’s December 1st! I love my new approach of making smaller more manageable goals this year.

My November goals were:

1. Intuitive eating – only eat when hungry, pay closer attention to fullness and night time eating = I did okay on this, but need more accountability.

2. get 8 hours of sleep (this helps with #1 soooo much) = This is getting better.

3. Jillian’s 30 Day Shred challenge = Nope. ranked out of this, but did my own moves about 2 times a week.

4. get organized: Bills, Blog, personal – all of it will be organized by Nov. 3oth! = Made a lot of progress with personal bills, still working on emails.

5. No gum. This might be the one that kills me. = Didn’t end up cutting it out, but cut back a lot. many people asked about this one – Why cut out gum? because I was chewing about a pack a day and am trying to cut back on fake sugars.

December Goals:

1. building on last month’s IE goals I am going to try and stay aware of calories and aim  for 1800 a day. I kept track 2 days last month and saw I was up around 2500!

2. go to the gym (or take yoga) 2 times a week. I need some cross training in my life!

3. No diet soda. Camiseta Atletico Mineiro This is building on last month’s #5 in an effort to cut back on fake sugar.

4. Do Abs every day. After the LB marathon my rib cage hurt very bad later that day and for a few days after. I think it’s because my abs are weak and it was hard to hold Camiseta Yokohama F. Marinos myself up for 4:04 hours.

Question: Did you make any December goals? Please share!



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