I am still trying to figure out eating on the nights I satisfy with my running Camiseta Palmeiras group. even though we only do about 4 miles of run/walk Camiseta AZ Alkmaar the timing makes me very hungry if I don’t eat first.

Today I did dinner very first again…massive salad with a turkey burger as well as vitamin water.
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Before I left I had to tell vegas to find inside…

“Nooooooo!!!!” (He’s a bit remarkable like his mom.)

Ben had a difficult day at work as well as I had a crazy day as well – so we’re unwinding with a Malibu rum as well as pineapple juice. Oh as well as it’s pineapple juice from a can of pineapples (which I ate half of).

My publish group dinner/dessert/snack/food/friend… bowl of cottage cheese, pumpkin <- heated as well as topped with cereals as well as granola. So.good. Easter is a bit over a week away, which implies Lent is practically over. In addition to sweets, I provided up cussing. I’ve slipped right here as well as there, however am truly trying to stay with it. Here’s to committing to staying with it up until the end! www.nataliedee.com On April 28th She Runs L.A. Powered by Nike is holding a digital 10K! You don’t have to be in L.A. to run, you can do a online 10K from anywhere between 4pm on the 27th to 4pm on the 28th. But, if you are regional there is a huge celebration in Los Angeles as well as a celebration complying with too! She Runs LA is providing 50 RER visitors totally free entry to the event. The very first 50 people to email me Camiseta Cruz Azul (runeatrepeat at gmail dot com) are in as well as I’ll email you the code. Email me if you want in!



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