Hello! pleased weekend! What are you doing? Chicago as well as Boston as well as Brooklyn as well as so numerous other locations have huge races this weekend!! Did you do one? Are you training?

I’m running long beach so I ran 7 miles on Friday as my last run before the race. It was a truly great one though! It was ideal running weather condition as well as I just felt great so it was quicker than I most likely ought to have went. however this isn’t a goal race so I’m fine with it.
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Face Mask suggestions for Running as well as walking Outside
Face Mask for Running as well as walking outside during Coronavirus outbreak.
Do you requirement to wear a mask? What mask is the very best for runners as well as walkers?

Check out my finest pick for a mask.
Plus the CDC’s suggestions on when to wear a mask as well as what kind during the COVID19 outbreak.
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I likewise did a stamina workout from the 21 Day repair streaming collection.

Vegas applauded me on…

And I made a big eco-friendly smoothie with granola as well as almonds. I believe I ought to rename this blog – “Pictures of my feline in the background.com”

This is one of my preferred granolas! It vanishes so quick though. Not sure exactly how that occurs every time…

I had a hectic Friday so after breakfast I headed to the long beach Marathon expo to get my stuff as well as cross that off my list.

I was in as well as out very fast! I’ve been to this expo before so I understand the drill, however much more significantly I had to rush since I parked in a ‘24 minutes only’ zone. I set the time on my phone as well as went for it. Boom.

I got my bib as well as t-shirt as well as then made a quick stop at the very best part of the long beach race expo = The road Runner sports booth that offers ‘lightly utilized running shoes’ for $60.

This is an amazing offer as well as I’ve been able to score my preferred running shoes so numerous times! (This is most likely since I have very huge feet as well as nobody else can wear them.)

I grabbed some shoes, paid for them as well as then raced to my car… in ideal time!!

Then, I had a haircut appointment. I just got a trim. This lil beauty salon go to was in partnership with JCPenny. They are contributing $2 from every haircut this weekend to the American cancer society in honor of breast cancer understanding Month.

Before: untidy braided bangs since I didn’t understand what else to finish with them…

After: Monican appearing like a (somewhat) typical person.

It was likewise very essential that I focus on carb-loading so I made sure to make time for that…

(See vegas in background once again below)

I didn’t get to response these concerns on my last post. right here they are…

Instagram Questions…

unch_hNo race for me this weekend however I do have a marathon coming up in June (Rock ‘n Roll SAN Diego). I’m getting ready for the worst as far as weather condition is concerned. any type of guidance for Camiseta Watford FC running in hot weather? TIA!!

I Camiseta Club Tijuana have run a great deal of hot weather condition races – it certainly adds an additional layer of problem to the marathon. My suggestions… think about tweaking your goals if the weather condition is going to be extremely hot, focus on hydration leading as much as the race so you show up on race day well moisturized as well as already understand exactly how much water/electrolytes your body needs, train in warm weather condition if possible, listen to your body as well as work on truly getting to understand exactly how you respond to weather condition extremes during training.

26.2zzzzzI like in Chicago , doing my 17th marathon this Sunday , all your messages assist as well as always offer something new to me , thx

Good luck!!

lmwilson0412What to eat before???

lmwilson0412What to eat the night before?

This is truly different for everyone. It’s something to work on during training so you understand what your body likes/doesn’t like. I personally do toast with banana as well as PB or oatmeal before. The night before I typically do a stir-fry with tons of rice. Rice is my preferred pre-race carb-loading. before long runs I’m not as picky.

Question: What are you as much as this weekend??



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