My run was canceled because of the snow. By the time I woke up there were a number of inches on the ground as well as it was still coming down! I thought about it for a second, however then realized I was freezing last weekend on my long run as well as it wasn’t even snowing then!

So, Ben as well as I selected the apartment’s gym. I did 6 miles on the treadmill. It was like old times ? I utilized to run 6 miles on my treadmill 5 days a week. I did that for many years up until I lastly got the guts to run outside!
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Speaking of my past – After running six miles I would frequently have a South beach bar or Kashi GoLean for breakfast with yogurt = 250 calories. Then, I would pack a max 400 calorie lunch as well as starve up until I got home, couldn’t take it anymore as well as binged. This went on with college as well as I hated myself for my lack of willpower. I couldn’t lose weight, drove myself crazy as well as ended up gaining. now I am having a hard time to discover Intuitive Eating. discover a lesson from me, fuel yourself well. treat your body right.

This California woman woke as much as snow! It is crazy here! Ben as well as I are making an effort to truly take pleasure in it Camiseta Newcastle United though since this may be our only wintertime in the snow. who understands what next year will bring?!

Despite the chilly I truly just desired a huge bowl of fruit or a smoothie for breakfast. I went with fruit as well as a bagel with PB. I have made a decision I truly take pleasure in bagels as well as must eat them guilt complimentary ? as well as I do.

We are planning a walk to the mall. We aren’t even sure if the shopping center Camiseta Selección de fútbol de Países Bajos is open, however I want to walk around in the snow either way!! take pleasure in this day, who understands where you will be a year from now!!

Remember when I packed up whatever that would in shape in Ben’s vehicle as well as moved across the country? Well, yes that wasn’t such a great idea, however that’s not the point.

I handled to pack so lots of clothes by utilizing big area Camiseta Sport Club Internacional saver bags. Today I had to fracture open the bag with my skiing pants. I’m so thankful I brought them!!!



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