because I have a long commute for the next couple of weeks I need to come up with some portable breakfast recipes. stay tuned because today wasn’t the best representation of that.

Today Camiseta Selección de fútbol de Costa Rica I made a quick egg scramble with spinach and salsa. even though it’s in a tortilla, this meal is still very messy. Salsa in a tortilla leaks juice and can cause a mess. travel and eat wisely! Camiseta Club Tijuana Luckily, Ben drove this morning so I didn’t make a mess on myself.
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These pics are a little blurry because the steam from my eggs steamed up the lens! I know, very professional.

Run – Today I was expected to start triathlon training with a spinning class, but I didn’t look up the local classes in time. I ended up doing 8 min. Abs and an easy 3 miler. plus I am taking a walk after work…

On the automobile ride to work I also chomped on an apple. It was good to be chauffeured today ?

Lunch! I was busy all morning and didn’t think about lunch until actual lunch time – nice. Last night I packed up my lunch because the mornings are crazy around here.

A lot of people asked about my fancy new lunch bag…

I got it from Costco and it came with tupperware too! I think it came with 6 plastic containers. They don’t all fit at once, but you can really pack a lot into this.

But, much more importantly, what was in the lunch bag and containers???

I made a chickpea salad in the most significant container – lettuce, tomatoes, cucs, chickpeas and a dressing Camiseta West Ham United of honey mustard and hot sauce.

On the side I’m eating a PB&sfJ. I cannot get enough healthy fats lately ?

I also have a lot of snacks lined up and a master plan to hit up Sonic after work. I’ve never been to Sonic before, but heard their pleased hour is the business! What ought to I get?

I have to walk there because Ben took the car, so I’m walking to his work after my day is done (he works l-o-n-g hours). now that I think of it, bringing a enormous purse, laptop, lunch bag and 48oz. water bottle is going to be a big load. Oh well.

Happy Tuesday!



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