Hello! Head’s up – I’m working with Elysium health Basis on this post. I’ve been taking Basis, an NAD+ supplement, for a couple months now and really dig it. but always check with your doctor before starting a new supplement, diet or exercise routine.

Hi! How’s it going? I wrote this post a little bit ago so this was my post half marathon workout after the Riverside half Marathon…
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The weather is ideal for running best now (at least in southern California). but I took a rest day from running to let my legs recover. I’m not sore or anything – but if I really pay attention to how I feel I’ll notice small signs that my body feels better after rest or performs better when I prioritize recovery.

I’m doing some strength training and I’ll take a walk before stretching out.

Post-race recovery is different for everyone – listen to your body. but in general refueling, rest and stretching all work together to help me bounce back.

I’ve been taking a supplement from Elysium health and wanted to share some of the benefits I’ve experienced from it.

First … the very short version of what it is = NAD+ is a co-enzyme our cells need to function properly. NAD+ is called “the linchpin of energy metabolism,” it’s required for metabolic processes like energy creation (ATP synthesis), DNA maintenance and regulating circadian rhythms (sleep/wake cycles). I also read it’s helpful for recovery from regular, strenuous exercise, which is exciting for me. but as we get older we have less NAD+. This is a supplement that can increase NAD+ in humans to help support cell health.

I got thrilled for reasons that apply to my personal issues – aging and athletic performance. You can check out the most recent study on Basis for much more – it’s in the Nature partner Journal here.

How Basis works:

How Does Basis Work? – Elysium Health video from Elyisum health on Vimeo.

I personally wanted to try it for 2 reasons => I read that restoring NAD+ was a breakthrough in the science of aging (Elysium Health’s founder is the director of the Glenn lab for the Biology of Aging at MIT)  and the preclinical research shows enhancing NAD+ levels help support skin, sleep/wake cycles and DNA health. Boom.

Health and sleep are very essential to me. Elysium is investigating additional studies on Camiseta Fluminense Basis and UV. I’m very interested in any benefits along these lines and will follow as much more studies come out. As a runner I’m outside a lot and all those miles and hours and days and years are adding up. stay tuned.

I don’t know if you’ve discovered but I now wear long sleeve running t-shirts for 86% of my training runs  to reduce Camiseta West Ham United sun exposure. My arms and shoulders are covered in freckles from too much sun!

It’s very interesting that the first time I spoke with a company rep about it  (I agreed to try it and connect if I liked it and wanted to share with you) I ended up really liking it for general energy and sleep reasons. and I discovered my skin seemed to look healthier but I thought that was a coincidence or random… then, it occurred to me the supplement might be the reason because I hadn’t changed anything else.  I wear long sleeves and now Basis is part of that support team.

Want other sources about NAD+? I’m not a scientist or doctor and Camiseta Selección de fútbol de Japón I don’t play one on TV – but here are some links if you want much more info…

This short article in science Mag references the anti-aging properties of NAD+.

NAD+ aka Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide – here is the definition of it on Wikipedia.

Want to check out Basis?  > >  You can get a bottle of it or a monthly subscription here. 

Question: Do you take supplements and vitamins?

I take vitamins and recently have started to take supplements that help with particular issues like athletic performance and skin health.


Note: This post is sponsored by Elysium. All opinions are that of the author. No information on this site or related social media is intended to be medical or professional advice. always speak with your doctor before starting a diet or exercise plan and taking any supplements.



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