Hello! This morning I woke up as well as was on a objective for pancakes. Oddly, this week I didn’t have french toast everyday so I believe I had a syrup deficiency.

I should admit I was influenced by Jack Johnson’s Banana Pancake tune as it’s on my playlist as well as I heard it at mile 11 yesterday. Yeah, running that long will make you crave anything – however particularly pancakes!
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I utilized my go-to pancake recipe as well as cut banana pieces into it after I poured it into the skillet.

Then, I slathered sunflower seed butter like I only have 24 hours to online as well as requirement to surface the jar tonight.

But then something tragic happened!!!

I dropped my sunflower seed buttered fork. #Fail.

I had to console myself with a few (new) forkfuls out of the jar. as well as all was alright again.

Since Ben likes old institution pancakes as well as I wasn’t about to make 2 batches I made him coconut encrusted French Toast.

Then, I headed off to Zumba. I’m addicted as well as loving it

Post-Zumba snack = apple

I had grocery buying on the program for today, however understand much better than to go while hungry so I made lunch first. These Quorn naked Chik’n Cutlets were likewise on clearance a while back.

The naked ones are completely not as great as well as the poultry nugget style ones. Not.even.close.

I made a huge ol’ poultry salad with both kinds as well as peanut dressing. This is going to be my lunch for the whole week since I’m likewise consumed with this. Yep, Zumba as well as poultry salads are all I want for Christmas, Valentines, Arbor day…

I randomly discovered this piece of chocolate with the almond slivers that I put on my salad. It ended up being dessert as I Camiseta Celta de Vigo believed a chocolate crouton was outrageous even for me.

Then, I headed to my third Happiest location on earth (after the lands of Disney as well as Yogurt) = Costco!

Last week Ben came with me to Costco as well as I tried to get him to get a Berry Sundae, however he wasn’t biting. Plus, I’ve been craving a churro for weeks (since my sibling as well as I had a extremely prolonged discussion on what makes a ‘good churro’).

I realized I desired the sundae as well as a churro as well as tried to choose on one. Nope.

I desired both, so I got them. Both. By myself.

And this is why you’re I’m fat …

If you want to see some ridic food porn, inspect out the blog This Is Why You’re Fat. (That’s where I got the phrase from not from my own low self esteem. Trust.)

And if the phrase “This is why you’re fat” offends you inspect out www.don’ttakemyblogsoseriously.com.

So yeah, I likewise got a churro. Tragic, right? Not truly since I got Oxygen magazine so I’ll discover a few new workout moves to assist work it off. At least in theory???

I drove house while contemplating a cereal recipe called “Cinnamon Churro Crunch” that would be like Cinnamon toast Crunch, however 199x much better if that’s possible.

In all seriousness I ate a bit much more than half the churro as well as savored every bite. liked Camiseta Real Madrid it. I had a few bites, however didn’t end up being the most significant fan of the sundae as well as brought it house for Ben. I’ll most likely polish off the churro later if Ben doesn’t get it first.

I feel like my inner Intuitive Eater is satisfied as well as I’m happy.

Tomorrow is very hectic for me so I’m glad I have Sunday set as much as figure it out!


Sunday: Zumba

Monday: 4 miles as well as Abs

Tuesday: 8 miles with 5 at MP

Wednesday: 5 miles with 3 at Tempo

Thursday: stamina as well as Abs

Friday: 8 miles as well as Zumba?

Saturday: 18 miles


Plan meals as well as snacks in the morning (I’m very hectic this week!)

Track food  (I’m eating what I want, however want to be accountable just the same)

Get in bed by 9:30pm to wind down as well as read



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