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Sep 30, 2022

last week I decided to take a week off of running to let my knee relax as well as heal. I organized on running once again today, however between the snowpocalypse as well as a late begin to my day, I ended up taking an hour walk on the treadmill after breakfast.

I have a new buddy at the fitness center (Hi Stephen!) as well as we chat it up while walking. as well as by “chat it up” I mean, I bitch about the snow as well as he proceeds to believe I’m crazy. It’s funny since it’s true…
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High Achiever – great listen book Review
High Achiever by Tiffany Jenkins book review. quick evaluation of the new memoir of a medication addict’s double life. checked out by the author.

Easy book to listen to while running, eating or whatever else people do.

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After my walk as well as shower I decided to get some veggies into lunch so I might cross that off my listing early in the day. I made a huge salad with spinach, onions, carrots, tomatoes, kidney beans as well as hummus as dressing. like it with hot sauce too!

One the side I added an apple as well as a vita muffin. I like a great deal of health and wellness food, for not a great deal of calories, don’t you?Now I have to compose out a research study plan for my personal training certification. I haven’t started at all since I’m still completing up my HTML class, however I want to get on that so I can be done before we move. the most intense research study calendar is 12 weeks – as well as that would be cutting it close!



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