Hello! I am reporting in with 26.2 miles for my pile on the Miles check in today. here are my Revel City Marathon results and recap. Spoiler: 12 things went wrong with this race. I didn’t expect it to be terrific since I was just along so skinny Runner could take the carpool lane. Seriously.

So super bright and early we headed to Azusa to catch a bus to the start. 1st fail of the day we went to the wrong location and just made the last bus up to the starting line. apparently 701 West and 701 east are different places, who-da thought?
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Luckily we made it and got to the start no problemo. but fail #2 was that when we went to pick up our bibs the guy in charge said that was at the bottom of the hill. since he knew we both registered and were 26+ miles from the start he said we could just tell someone at the finish and get a gun time, but we wouldn’t have chip timing.

The weird thing with SR and I is were are a rare long distance runner than isn’t super crazy about our time and being competitive. I think that’s why we get along so great. Well, that and I stick to her like gum on a shoe because she’s my only fren.

We both full on paid an extra $20 for race day packet pick-up and everything so we were mostly just sad that we couldn’t use Camiseta Selección de fútbol de Brasil that money to buy food.

Get ready to RUN!!!

Skinny Runner at the start, with some guy who is wearing a hospital gown as race day throw away gear.

Pam paced the 3:40 group and totally rocked it!!! super proud of her.

The Revel Canyon Marathon has a terrific fast course. It starts at the top of a mountain and you run straight down for 13 miles. then there are a couple of hills. They are probably small but they fill enormous after so much downhill.

It is GORGEOUS. Gorgeous. I loved the nature and mountains and fresh air. I loved the downhill aspect of the course, but it started to kill my quads. My legs were already tired in general from changing up my workouts lately so adding the repetitive downhill and I really felt it.

Marathon bathroom breaks – there were plenty of aid stations and porta potties. I was trying to hold it, but had to go to the restroom around mile 18. Then, I had to go again?! I was having a lil bit of a stomach issue that’s never happened before. I am going to write down what I’ve been eating lately to investigate this.

And the final fail of America… I lost my ipod recently (read: it’s probably under a pile of mail on my desk) and have been listening to Pandora while running. since we were in nature for this race there was NO reception = NO PANDORA. I had no music until mile 23. I ran 23 miles without any music. Bah. totally my fault though.

SR and I ran most of the first 12 miles together. despite all the fails we were having fun until I burned out and slowed way down. check out my Instagram for a 9 second video of the fun.

I hit the wall pretty hard around mile 18 too and was just trying to hold on for dear life. Sandy from Boston Bound Brunette’s spouse got some good pics Camiseta Selección de fútbol de Portugal of me on death’s door. Luckily, I didn’t knock.

Revel City Marathon done in 3:54:16

It was a hard race, but I am proud of myself for pushing through. but right away after the race my calves felt super tight and I know I’m going to be sore tomorrow. I’m actually scared of how sore I’m going to be… wish me Camiseta Selección de fútbol de Marruecos luck.

Pile on the Miles…

Now it’s your turn to talk… what is your pile on the Miles goal for Week Two? Leave a comment with it!

Mine: Sunday is a rest day but I will stretch and walk. walk 3 miles each day on top of any scheduled workouts.



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