I went down to Santa Monica to hang out with my ol’ pal Bob Harper today. (You know ‘cause we hung out Saturday too.)

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Bob was a little freaked out to see this red-headed stalker again completely remembered me from Blogher and said “Hi!” as soon as he saw me. That made me happy.

Okay actually, Anthem Blue cross invited me to this event to learn about how our health connects us all. My contact encouraged me to check out my health footprint before the meet up. You can calculate yours here.

The event was held at Casa Del Mar in Santa Monica. The brick front hides an remarkable beach backyard!

Mr. Harper put us through a terrific workout on the beach in Santa Monica to start the day.

It was a partner style workout and I had my mother with me as my ‘PIC’.

We did lunges, jump squats, dynamic lunges, push-ups, planks and more.

Then, we used our bag of travel exercise gear for a few moves too.

And this will forever be known as the day I frolicked with Bob Harper on the beach. In my head at least

Here he’s showing us how to do a bench press using a partner’s weight. I love that a lot of the exercises were using your body weight or a partners – ideal for working out while traveling!Here you can see Bob walking away in disgust at my poor form on this triceps extension. Sorry, I’ll get better!

Some girls get all the luck…

We ended the workout with a good stretch session. Bob is really big on yoga and I loved how he led the end of the session in a calming, but powerful way.

Amanda from two Boos who eat was there! love her

After the workout we had a cooking demonstration with my new favorite most significant Loser trainer (sorry Jillian we’ll always have the 30 Day Shred).

We made a stir-fry! I have typically said I could live off of stir-frys for lunch and dinner (he should have known).

Bob made a point to say “There are no portion sizes Camiseta Selección de fútbol de Países Bajos for vegetables.” – implying you can eat as much as you want of them. He should not realize I can put a farm out of company in 2 meals. But, I am very pleased that he condones my volume eating style.

In addition to the stir-fry we had eggplant, faro and kale. I have never seen such a healthy spread like this at any event! I guess any hotel or restaurant will deliver when you’re eating with a trainer from the most significant Loser!

After lunch we had a question and answer session with him.

Things I learned from Bob Harper:

> Weight loss is about






Yes, diet is in there twice!

> use a little bit of the real sugar. fake sugars are out. Sure, it’s not going to taste the same at first, but your palate will adapt.

> He used to be vegan. but realized his body needed something much more and is no longer vegan. He got reamed by numerous people when he ate egg whites for the first time again.

> The contestants on The most significant Loser workout up to 6 hours a day.

> He sweetens his oatmeal with blueberries.

> He is all for having a small treat every day. He said Jillian has a chocolate stash for this Camiseta Aston Villa FC purpose (and no one better touch it!).

> He said alcohol really puts the brake on your metabolism.

> He will never give up coffee.

Me, Bob and my mother

It was the best day of exercise and healthy Camiseta Racing Club de Avellaneda eating with a trainer that really inspires me. I loved it!



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